Lazah Current - Betta Tomorrow Album Cover

Album Description

This album, my second album, was released in 2011, and produced by Guerrilla Music Production from out of Jamaica, it represents the reality of much of my experience while living there.

In listening to the tracks, you will realize a somewhat more authentic approach to the music. The songs expresses social challenges faced and possible solutions. Consisting of genuine love songs for the ladies gives the album betta tomorrow a beautiful balance. Big up Guerrilla music production in Kingston Jamaica.

The album, “Betta Tomorrow” is certainly worth listening to.

Check it out its ZAPPENING!

Track Listings

  1. Believe in Love
  2. Lately
  3. Like tha Breeze
  4. Da Melody
  5. As We Make Love
  6. Forever
  7. No Love
  8. Pinnacle Heights
  9. Grooving
  10. Hey Girl
  11. Stream
  12. Sunshine
  13. Wordz
  14. Out a Road
  15. Betta Tomorrow

Album Release Information

Released: April 14, 2011 by DJT Promotion Group

Formats: CD, Digital Media

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